The Old World: Stealth System Suggestion & Empire System Update.


Heyo, I’ve finally bounced back from being ill and I’ve been hard at work for the past few days. Mostly focusing on improving some internal code and progressing the Empire system.

Empire System in a Snowy Area

So lets jump into this update!

Stealth System Suggestion

I would love to get some feedback from this suggestion, if this is a good or bad suggestion for a game mechanic.

Way back in my decently early gaming years I played a lot of Metal Gear Solid on the PS and one of my many favourite games is Thief: The Dark Project. What I loved about these games were the really good stealth systems in these games (Especially Thief.). I really enjoyed how footsteps could be heard and alert NPCs, how arrows and objects could be used to distract or trick NPCs.

Since I’ve previously been mostly focused on Magics and Melee/Ranged combat I’d like to throw another combat mechanic onto the table, Stealth.

So here is my suggestion, I’m thinking of a Stealth system that is decently similar to the Thief game(s).

I’d like to implement LoS for NPCs, footsteps can be heard by nearby NPCs but also decreased from sneaking or perhaps crafting some special shoes that decrease the sound from walking, perhaps putting out torches/lights will decrease NPCs LoS, staying in shadows will decrease detection, being able to silently steal/pickpocket etc.

Of course a lot of testing would go into such a system in order to make it fun, because even if it’s the greatest and realistic stealth system, if it’s not fun, I will not release it.

So my question is, if implemented correctly, does this sound like a fun and interesting game mechanic?

Empire System

As I said previously I’ve been working on improving and progressing the Empire System this week and I have made some major improvements.

Resource System

Among these improvements is the Resource system.

I’ve completely rewritten this system (Without even touching any other system, Good Engine design ftw.), It now works a lot better and can detect some pretty awesome stuff. Such as, if someone steals resources the Empire will notice this and the resources will be updated.

But this also means that if you have a Quest for an Empire to hand in, X amount of Wood, you can just dump it into a storage chest and it will be tracked correctly.

Project System

One of the major improvements in the Project system is Citizen Assigned to Projects. This quite actually surprised me, it made the AI seem a lot more intelligent.

It also improves the ability to handle random events, such as, NPCs are constructing a building and an annoying Player puts down a Doodad in the way, then the AI will register this and actually clear the Doodad unless it’s in the blueprint for the Building.

This also means that if you want to help the Empire to construct buildings, you can.

Workshop built into Hillside.

New Buildings

I’ve added two new buildings to the Empire System.
Workshop (Used for creating Tools etc.)
Blacksmith (Used for creating Weapons and Smelting Ores.)
Everyone can use the Doodads inside these buildings, even the Player.

So if you were to be lazy or perhaps do not have resources, you could simply walk in and use these things, that is if you’re not hostile with the Empire in question.

Workshop & Blacksmith


In other news besides the major strides of progress I’ve added a fancy Loading screen while a Map is being generated.

Loading Screen

The Old World: Empire System Explained.


Heyo, Sorry about the lack of updates for the past couple of days. I’ve been ill and having really been able to work on TOW, but now I feel better and I’m back to coding!

Since I haven’t really explained the Empire system yet I shall attempt to do so in this article.


Currently the Empire system is made up from 10+ sub systems in order to make it work. The larger sub systems are the Production and War systems as well as minor ones like Research,Project and Job systems.

The Production & War systems are actual abstract, Goal based systems and systems like Research and Job/Project Systems are the ones that actually do things rather than plan and calculate what to do.

There are several parameters that control the Empire and makes it able to calculate what to do. These parameters are Threat, Reputation and Resources.

Depending upon the current Threat the Empire is under, the Empire will places its resources in the Production or War systems.

Example: If the Empire is under a lot of attacks it will calculate that it needs to defend itself, therefore it’ll place most of its resources in the War system.
Vice-versa if it is not under attack, it’ll go towards more of a production heavy Empire.

Production System

This system focuses more on Production, such as Farms, crafting Tools and constructing Factories, Production Researches and other such things.

It also handles who to trade with depending upon reputation, generating production related quests for Resources or perhaps constructing Buildings.

War System

This system handles more of the War based things in the Empire. Such as crafting Weapons, constructing Barracks, Armories, Weaponsmiths etc.

It also handles who to go to war with, Soldiers, where to defend, where to attack, generating Attack quests, defend quests, infiltration quests etc.

Job Manager & Project System

These systems handles requests from the War & Production system.

Example: The Production system sends a construct building request. The Project system will generate a new Project and get the data from the Structure system and will start interfacing with the Job Manager to actually hand out the Job requests to the citizens in order for them to perform the tasks required to construct the building.


This is only scratching the surface of the Empire system. But currently most of this is already in place and the last thing to do is actually make it start calculating the Goals properly to work.

I feel as if though this design with loads of sub systems interacting with each-other is a very powerful one and has a lot of potential.

It’s also very easy to implement more sub systems for the Empire to do more things.

Ending Statement

Do excuse me if this update was a lot of text and not many images showing it all off, but I felt as if though I wanted to explain what the Empire system does and how it handles everything.

Now I’m going to get back to my bed and medicine so that I’ll start feeling better soon and can get back to working on TOW. Hopefully this will not have an effect on the first Alpha release date.

I’m implementing Controller support very soon which will mean you’ll be able to play this with your own favourite controller if you choose to. I’ll also have re-bindable keys.

The Old World: Fire System

Basic Fire

There are many ways of creating Fire in The Old World, one of them being the Conjure Fire spell. But do not expect The Old World to be forgiving when it comes to playing around with Fire.

Fire acts like Fire, spreading, destroying, scorching and burning down everything in its path.

Forest Fire Start
Conjuring fire next to a forest will have this result in a matter of seconds.

Forest Fire

NPC Fire Spread

Setting fire to an NPC could have an equal amount of destruction. Because an NPC on fire that’s running around will actually spread fire.

NPC Set On Fire
So if you ever feel like casting a Fireball in order to kill an Enemy. Just make sure that when the Fireball hits and sets fire to the NPC, your enemy won’t run away into a nearby forest.

Because this is one of the many examples how such a battle might end.

Don't play with fire

Empire Destruction

Taking this a bit further, you could essentially set an Empire NPC on Fire. Watch it run around, setting fire to nearby houses and NPCs which would in the end cause major destruction and chaos.

Fire in The Old World is High Risk/High Pay-off but be prepared just in-case you set fire to yourself.

The Old World: Humidity


I’ve implemented Humidity into the game. Basically every time the Water System is updating the Water tiles it will remove a certain amount of water from the tile depending on the Temperature at that specific Tile. After this is done, it adds the water to a generalized Humidity area which is used further on to calculate different things. Such as if the grass there is damp or dry etc.

Pretty Clouds

Cloud Spawning

When the Humidity in a certain area reaches a randomized Threshold it will spawn a Cloud somewhere in that area. Currently this Cloud will fly away in a random direction and after a certain time will start to rain and replenish the world with the dissipated Water.

Couple of Fancy Clouds

Updated World Map

I added a few things to the World Maps, Such as Sand is now shown, and Rocks are shown in a brighter Gray, and the Darker Gray are Rock Tiles.

Updated World Map

Regular Dev Occurrences

This is what usually happens during a first implementation of a new feature. These Clouds spawned within a few seconds.

The Old World: Map & Map Generation Updates

Map Generation

Today I’ve updated the Map Generation Process and added in Snow Generation. It basically calculates where the temperature is below 0 C, adds in a bit of noise and then decides to add snow to a Tile or not. It still needs a tiny bit of work but so far the World Map is looking pretty fancy I’d say.

Updated World Map

Map Generation Copper Veins & Rocks

The Map Generation has also been updated to generate Rock & Vein points, which are represented with the gray’ish Colour on this image.

Snow In-Game

Here is how the Snow looks like in-game. It still needs a bit of work but I’d say it’s a good start.

Copper Veins In-Game

Here are a couple of Screenshots of how the Copper Vein looks like in-game (Drawn by Ironstrom)

Just chillin’ by the beach before chopping some Trees down and mining some Copper.

Water Dissipation & Humidity & Cloud Generation

To explain this briefly, In order for Cloud Generation to occur there must be Humidity and for that to happen Water must Dissipate. This is currently being implemented and should be done today. This allows for several new things besides only generating Clouds.

It will allow for different Biomes across the map depending on Temperature & Humidity, such as Jungles, Deserts, Tundra etc. Basically any Biome that could exist here on earth will be easily generated by using these two parameters.

Even though this is all done in the Map Generation you will be able to change Biomes in-game. Such as depriving an area of water will cause the Humidity to decline and later on perhaps become Tundra/Desert like.

In the future there could even be an implementation of Green House gases which could raise the average temperature across the map. But that is only an idea so far, but could be a fun one. 

The Old World: Snakes On Fire & Video of Fancy Crafting System

Here is a short video showing off the new Crafting System:

Specific Animations

I’ve also implemented specific Animations for NPCs so that it is easy to add new NPCs with different sprites and animations. In a sense, I’ve generalized it and stream-lined the process to make it easier.
The first NPC being Snakes currently but a lot more NPCs will be added in the near future.

NPCs on Fire

I’ve also implemented a new neat feature which is that you can now set NPCs on fire. As you can see from this lovely screenshot (I actually laughed at this for a few minutes)

Snakes on Fire

Map Generation

I’m currently working on implementing a few new neat things to the Map Generation process, Snow based on Temperature, Water Dissipation based on Temperature, Humidity and a few more Doodads (Rocks & Copper Veins). So expect some really new neat fancy stuff in the upcoming updates!


Also added a screenshot function so that you can forever cherish those fine, weird and awkward moments in The Old World. NPCs moves at half the speed while crossing Water.


Is it just me or is it weird & funny to see Snakes burning? Might just be a tired game developer thing.

Here are Snakes On Fire in a nicer environment:Snakes On Fire Fancy Environment

The Old World: Magic, Scrolls, Items, Animations, Temperature & Misc.

Heyo! I’ve been super hard at work this week and here are a few things I have done this week.

I’ve been working on a new very nice Animation System which will add a Ton of new stuff to the game! It also features a newly implemented XP System with Notifications for XP as well as GUI representation.

Here’s a small sneak peek of the temperature scale across the map. (Ranging from -40 to +40 Celcius with temperatures differing across the whole map)

This is also a small teaser for the Magic System. Keep in mind, this is a MID-RANGE WIzard Spell.

If you think this is OP, trust me, it is not. We have Loads of new Spells, Arrows, Elixirs, Weapons planned that will surely make your mouth drop just a tiny bit at the very least. Here are a few of the Items planned so far.

And just to end this post off with some nice graphics, this is one of the newest sprites from Ironstrom.

Keagan has begun working on Sounds and Music for the game so expect to see some wicked stuff from him very soon!

And as always I’ll end with a nice change log for the past 3 days:
- Added Support for Magic System
- Added Support for Fire System
- Added Support for Projectile System
- Added Temperature System to Map System
- Added Scroll of Conjure Fire & Scroll of Mass Destruction.
- Edited Rewrite the Animation System into a new more advanced & dynamic one.
- Added XP System
- Added Graphical representation for XP
- Added Damage from Fire
- Added XP Gain Notification.
- Fixed Alpha bug when VSync was On.
- Added Begun implementation of Humidity System.

The Old World: Notifications, Map Generation, Website & Other News

New video out showing off lots of new neat stuff, graphics, content, features. Heck even some map Generation, What more sweet jazz could you ask for!

Do please excuse my voice at times, I had been up for 30 hours coding and editing footage because I really wanted to get this out there for you guys!

So do please enjoy!

And as always here’s a quick change log:

- Added Notification System to handle Battle Messages and the like
- Added More Map Generation code for generating Water depth and more height on Islands
- Added Several new Textures (Finexen & Ironstrom’s)
- Edited Water System to make Water flow nicer.
- Added Knockback effect on NPCs
- Edited Re-designed and re-skinned the GUI (Not yet finished)
- Added XP Bar, Health Orb & Mana Orb.

The Old World: GUI Makeover & Alpha News.

Today I started to re-design and re-skin the GUI. The old GUI was basically just a place-holder and has run its course. So far the graphics of the GUI is starting to match the general design of the game, Woodenish, Oldish, Worn-out etc.

So far the skin-job has worked out pretty nicely. Here is a quick snapshot of the GUI so far:

GUI Re-Skin Snapshot

I’ve also begun to implement a kind of Notification system to handle Combat Messages, Messages, Achievements and other such things that counts as notifications.

Implementation of several more items has also started to give the game more content and more stuff to play around with when the Alpha hits.

Currently the Alpha is estimated to be released Mid to Late April 2012.

Until then and after release you will see a lot more content and systems being added to the game, either on a daily (Shorter updates) or weekly basis (Larger updates).

And here’s some fancy Eye-candy ;)

Just played around with a few things, dug a lot to make the Lava flow, changed a few textures around and voilá.

Lava, Ground and Black Object Textures are made by Finexen.

The Old World: Forums & IndieDB

I am glad to announce that The Old World is sporting its own ForumsSo feel free to go Register!

There are still a few minor kinks and design tweaks to be made which will be resolved in the upcoming days.

Currently there are only two Forums, Announcements and Questions, mostly to keep it clean and simple to start with.

I’m also very glad to announce that The Old World is officially on IndieDB!