′So, in a nutshell, what exactly is The Old World?′

The Old World is a 2D Top-down RPG that focuses on a dynamic game-play and environment as well as trying to create a unique interaction between you, the world that you play in, and the AI.

′Dynamic Game-play… what does this actually mean?′

Comparing static game-play to dynamic game-play is simple: In static game you’re roaming the forest, but no matter how many times you leave the forest and come back, you know that it will always be the same. In a dynamic game, Such as The Old World, you never quite know what you will come back to because it’s a dynamic world and could change in a millisecond.

′Please explain further…′

Another example would be how your interaction with the world or the other inhabitants of the game. In a static environment, you most likely won’t be able to cut down trees just because you feel like it. Most games do not want you to do this because the world has been designed by hand, and props to them, but it makes the world feel very bland because nothing will ever change.

′So does that mean that you could do anything in The Old World?′

Simply put, yes.

′You also said pre-designed worlds felt bland, How is your game different?′

It’s because I do not design the worlds or its inhabitants; I’ve created an algorithm that does it for me. Perhaps this sounds lazy but it serves a very large purpose. More or less every map will be unique and will be filled with adventures for you to discover and experience.

′Have you set a date for the release of this game?′

As of yet I have not set in stone the release date for the full game.

′What platforms do you have support for?′

Currently I have support for Windows, Mac and Linux.

′Does that mean The Old World is written in Java?′

No, The Old World is written in C++ and interfaces with OpenGL through the SDL Library in order to achieve good cross-platform compatibility.

′What kind of computer specs. are required to run The Old World?′

As of yet I haven’t done a lot of testing, but it should work on any Computer released within the past 3-5 years. I have tested it on my old ASUS 1000H Netbook with an External 17″ Screen and it ran better than I had expected and that’s with un-optimized code.