The World is randomly generated, allowing for a fresh new start of an adventure every time you choose to create a new character. With an ever-changing World where history is made every second of game-time.

You’re apart of creating that history, every choice you make will have an impact on the world, Whether it is a good or bad impact is your choice to make.

Villages may arise from only a handful of people and may in time either grow and bloom into a larger settlement or crumble and fall. Perhaps you will be one of the infamous few who have a thirst for destruction of a whole civilization, or you might be one of the few willing to overcome greed, theft and plundering in order to construct and build up your own Empire among the many roaming this world.

Whomever you may be. The thief, stealing for his or her own gain from all sorts of places, innocent people or large Empires. Maybe you’d prefer to wield the immense forces of Magic or a brutal Warrior. You have all of these choices and more, these are made during your history in the world, there is nothing pre-determined. Everything is yours to change if you so wish.

The World is yours for the taking.

No Limits, Pure Sandbox.