The Old World: Combat Stress-test Teaser Video & Major Improvements


Hey there everyone,

I thought I’d put out a small article before I release a new video update next week explaining more about the additions and improvements to TOW.

Stress-test Video

Here is a small stress-test video of the combat mechanics currently in place, although keep in mind there are still large tweaks and edits that needs to be made but I think the first test turned out pretty decent even though there are a lot of things going on simultaneously.

Item Additions

There has been a ton of new Item additions both system wise and Items added.

In terms of System additions I’ve added support for basically any Item you could think of which means I can now easily implement tons of Items without too much effort.

When it comes to Items I’ve mostly focused on Combat related Items such as: Arrow, Poison Cloud Arrow, Explosive Arrow, Water Arrow, Bow, Sword, Axe, Throwing Knife, Knife and tons of other Elixirs that can either be thrown or consumed.

Infuse System

As I had mentioned in my earlier development video I talked about something I’d like to call an Infuse System. This system will make you able to Infuse an item with different properties, some of which may be really simple such as: Increases Agility by 5.

But will also include more fun Infuses like: 20% Chance of casting a Fireball on your next Melee Attack, 25% Chance of Random Teleportation when damaged.

Buff/Debuff System

I’m currently implementing a Buff/Debuff System which will support a lot of plain things like DoT(Damage over Time), HoT(Healing over Time).

But then there are more fun things, an example would be: Say you’re being chased by an Enemy and you decide to turn around and throw an Elixir of Random Teleportation, this will cause a Debuff on the target enemy (If said Elixir hits) which might be something along the lines of:
- Every 10 Seconds Unit is Teleported to a Random location within 20 tiles of origin.

This might be useful or not but still a small little fun taste of what is to come and what is possible with this system.


Improvements I have made in general are quite immense even though not really visual.
These include:
- Rewrote entire Doodad System.
- Rewrote entire Projectile System.
- Rewrote entire Job Manager System for the Empire System.
- Rewrote tons of Logic for the Empire System.
- Fixed Research System for Empire System.
- Added 8-10 Plugins for Item System to support all different kinds of Items.
- Rewrote how Items are dropped from Doodads.
- Improved both performance and memory management.

This list might not sound like much but in terms of code and the way these systems work now the improvements are immense and will allow me to easier and faster implement various new things.


So as a conclusion, it’s been a little while since my last development video but you should expect to see on at the beginning of next week which will explain these changes a bit more detailed as well as show off a ton of new and exciting things.

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