The Old World: Player & Item Skills/Attributes


Heyo! This week I’ve been implmenting fancy new attributes and skills for both the Player and the Items inside the game.

The main Attributes of the Player are
Strength, Stamina, Agility, Intelligence,
Spirit, Wisdom, Charisma, Verbosity, Dexterity, Veracity

All of these attributes have their own particular function, such as Strength increasing Melee attack damage or Stamina increasing HP etc.

I’ve also implemented a heap of secondary Attributes, such as Crafting, Woodchopping and other various ones. These aren’t just for keeping track of how much you’ve crafted or chopped wood but will actually be beneficial.

For Example: if you were to craft a lot of items you might get a bonus that will allow you to have a chance of crafting double the amount. Other bonuses might include increasing any of your main attributes by a small percentage.

Video Update

So without further introduction, here is a fancy new video update, Hope you enjoy!