The Old World: A Few More Things.

Heyo! Been a while since last post, haven’t been writing any code as of lately sadly, but don’t you go thinking I’m not hard at work! In my little time off I’ve been drawing up designs for a few more things to add to the game. Such as..

Experience Points
- Used for levelling up (Durr, as you would expect). Not quite sure yet how this will yield perks or stats as of yet.
- See previous.
- Used for customizing your character as well as giving you perks and bonuses, this might include ways of furthering your progress towards becoming that awesome ninja wizard warrior that you’ve always wanted to have. (Balance issues might occur).
“Secret” Design
- Shh! Secret ;) Not really, but this will surely be an experience. Hint: What happens when you combine The Player + RTS + RPG + Empires + AI?

And as always, a small change log:
- Added Support for drawing text in-game.
- Added Items now displays the name when cursor hovers over an item.
- Added Items now displays how many items are in the stack.
- Added Graphics for Furnance and quite a few new Items.
- Edited Rewrote the code for moving Items from Action Bar to Inventory etc.

The Old World: Crafting System and Co.

So this past weekend and this week has been both exciting and progress halting. But besides from this I’ve actually managed to complete a lot of work, sadly not as much as I had hoped, but a decent amount.

Here is a quick log:
- Moved most of the Production AI to the new Goal-based AI.
- Added Implementation for Calculating Resource Gathering Goals.
- Added Implementation for Calculating Structure Goals.
- Added Implementation for Calculating Research Goals.
- Added Several Database Tables for the Research System.
- Added Several Database Tables for the Recipe System (Crafting).
- Rewrote the whole Crafting System from scratch to a new easier to use one.
- Added GUI Support for the new Crafting System.
- Added a few new Items and Sprites.
- Fixed a few memory bugs that came up during Goal implementation.